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This Is My Eye: A New York Story

It's not what you look at, it's what you see.

This Is My Eye is a picture book with Candlewick Press.  Photos and text by Neela Vaswani. 

Take a journey through New York City: shapes, colors, patterns, and people are everywhere—and things look different depending on who is doing the looking. 

In this playful, poetic ode to photography and point of view, one young girl captures moments of insight and community in her beloved hometown.  This fictional exploration will delight kids and parents in today’s world of images and bold self-expression.

“The minute I saw this book I absolutely had to read it…Vaswani goes whole hog on the urban experience. We adults sometimes forget how the world looks through the eyes of a kid. This book manages to capture that feeling. I’ve rarely encountered a book that put me back in the shoes of a nine-year-old so perfectly. Some of the most stunning photographs of the year are right here. Don’t miss it.” -School Library Journal (Elizabeth Bird)

"The city’s sweeping landscapes juxtaposed with its small, pulsating minutiae pick up an easy momentum as the poetic text moves rhythmically from page to page…Vaswani’s debut picture book is an elegant and playful look at perspective, photography, and a familiar (to many) cityscape.  A captivating journey." -Kirkus Review

"Kids everywhere will find this a vibrant window to the world that will encourage them to look again." -Center for Children's Books

"[A} visual feast.  The simple narrative makes this accessible to youngsters in preschool, but the sophisticated ideas it illustrates could extend its readership up through the elementary grades and even into middle school picture book collections. It could be used as an intro to photography and/or a demonstration of point of view and perspective. Many of the photos could easily serve as writing prompts."  Youth Services Book Review (starred review)

“The perfect gateway for classroom photography projects." BookPage (feature)


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